Wednesday, November 30, 2022

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20 questions

By Mark Frost, Chronicle Editor
It’s been a while since we played 20 Questions. Feel free to respond or not respond, as you see fit. Maybe it will give you something extra to talk about at your holiday table.

1. Will New York State have another mask mandate this year?

2. Will Joe Biden be the Democratic nominee for President in 2024? If not, who will be?

3. Will Donald …

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Lake George dock space more scarce than ever

By Zander Frost, Chronicle Staff Writer

Lake George dock space is at a premium, some say more so than ever before.

One long-time Lake George boater told The Chronicle he lost the slip he’d been renting and now “we may have to sell our boat,” because he said he can’t afford the $6,500 dock rental price he has been quoted elsewhere.

Brent Brewer, owner of Bug-U Pest Control, told The …

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Brewfest drew 500 at the Cool

Chronicle staff writer Zander Frost writes: The Glens Falls Brewfest drew a throng Saturday in Heritage Hall at the Cool Insuring Arena.

“We had just over 500 people attend,” plus 100 volunteers, vendors, brewers, and staff, Tracey Sullivan, Adirondack Theatre Festival Managing Director told The Chronicle.

“Heritage Hall worked well,” she added. “It was a bit warm in the room, but this will be taken into consideration if we hold …

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Farmers OK with NYS tax credit deal

Chronicle Staff Writer Zander Frost writes: Farmers say the 2023 New York State budget announced by Gov. Kathy Hochul includes tax credits that will help them ease the impact of a lowered agriculture overtime threshold.

Ideal Dairy owner John Dickinson told The Chronicle via text, “Hard not to be happy. This session invested more in agriculture than any other in the recent past.”

Mr. Dickinson and other local farmers urged …

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Cathy: Fond recall of Gilbert Gottfried playing Glens Falls

Chronicle Managing Editor Cathy DeDe writes: Sad news, that comedian and actor Gilbert Gottfried died Tuesday at the age of 67 from complications due to muscular dystrophy, reports said.

Back in 2015, Mr. Gottfried did a show at Heritage Hall in the then-Glens Falls Civic Center that was so “blue” — and so equally hilarious — that I thought I might go to Hell just for being in the same …

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