Tuesday, April 23, 2024

How to send a press release

The Chronicle wants to help you get the word out! Here’s how to send event notices and other messages to The Chronicle — for our Arts & Entertainment Calendar, for our Community Bulletin Board and for story suggestions and coverage.

Writing a press release for The Chronicle:

  • The Chronicle is published weekly on Thursdays
  • The official deadline for submissions is 10 days prior to the date you want to see the item in the paper, which can be two weeks before your event.
  • In practice, we like to receive your press release no later than the Friday before the issue. We do our best to accommodate later entries. However, the risk of getting lost in the shuffle rises as we get closer to our go-to-press day.
  • The general Chronicle email in-box is chronicle@loneoak.com. It’s good for sending everything and reaching everyone.
  • You may prefer to use the dedicated arts address — arts@loneoak.com — to send us event information or correspond directly with the Arts staff. Or call! (518) 792-1126.
  • Please DO NOT send information to both email addresses — the same person administers all email. It just makes extra work for us.
  • Of course, you can mail or Fax us your information instead.
  • You can send information as far in advance as you like. At The Chronicle, it’s one-stop shopping: Send ONE press release ONCE and we will direct the info to the Calendar, Bulletin Board and Editorial departments as appropriate. We also welcome long-range lists of multiple events; just be sure to let us know if anything changes! You can send more detailed updates, but be careful of trying to orchestrate coverage by doling out info. We are constantly fighting the battle of limited space, and more things going on than we can get to. You may only get one shot. What’s the target date for letting the public know? You can confer with us on this.
  • We welcome your input! Story idea? The one show we’ve got to come see? Wish we’d done something differently? News about your group? Please let us know.

A good press release

  • Works for you and works for us. It is informative, pithy, includes all the accurate details and some of the “flavor” of the event.
  • Necessary details: Name of event, day and date, time/hours, location (street and town), a contact number for the public, a contact number for us (if different), the Website or email address if appropriate, the admission cost (or specify “free”), and a brief description of the event. Send it once, and be sure everything is correct!
  • Tell us what’s interesting, unusual, compelling, important about the event. What would you tell a friend? Tell us, too. Don’t worry about how well you write it — we can take it from there.
  • Be alert to the news “hook.” What’s your best grabber? What is the unique angle about this event? Please let us know!


  • YES, thank you! Best case: You send two or three excellent digital jpg images by email for us to choose from to help promote your event. Please include IDs.

Thank you for being a part of the Chronicle Community! Please feel free to call or email us with any questions.