Monday, January 17, 2022

Hot Copy

John Strough: End of the handshake?

Chronicle Managing Editor Cathy DeDe writes: Will the “social distancing” mandated by the coronavirus pandemic cause permanent changes?

“I don’t know if handshakes will ever come back,” says Queensbury Town Supervisor John Strough.

“I’ve always worried about that anyway. In the course of a day, with meetings and everything, I probably shake 100 hands a day.

“I don’t always have time between to wash my hands. So, you shake hands …

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No to garage sales

Chronicle managing editor Cathy DeDe writes: Garage, lawn and tag sales are prohibited under Andrew Cuomo’s coronavirus restrictions against public gatherings.

“It’s a little hard,” says Roger Wickes, the attorney and coronavirus spokesman for the Washington County Board. “The governor makes a proclamation but doesn’t provide us with specifics or means of enforcement.”

So, Mr. Wickes says, with garage sale notices popping up as early as last weekend, the County …

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Warren Co. chief: Apex is coming; it’s crucial to stay home & isolate

By Ryan Moore, Warren County Administrator

If you hear no other message in these unprecedented, worrisome times, hear this.

Like never before in our history, the health of our community is in your hands. You. As a member of this community reading this article. The apex is coming and we must shift our mindsets.

Every person must take responsibility and change your behavior in order to protect the health and …

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Maple makers: Good syrup but feeling the loss of busiest sales

By Cathy DeDe, Chronicle Managing Editor

They lost their big promotional weekends due to the coronavirus shutdown, but maple syrup producers still tapped trees for sap and boiled it into syrup.

“It’s short of a full crop but all excellent syrup, good quality and flavor, so I’m not going to complain,” said Randy Galusha of Toad Hill Maple Farm in Thurman.

“The biggest impact so far was the cancellation of …

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Their 4-month cruise cut short

Paul & Sandy Arnold’s not quite excellent adventure

By Cathy DeDe, Chronicle Managing Editor

Drama is not a thing, typically, for farmers. They tend to be even-keeled, riding the waves and the seasons as they come.

So, a hastily arranged 45-hour journey from Dubai back to Argyle that cut short a world tour, racing back as ports even in their own homeland threatened to close against them was not what …

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