Wednesday, May 18, 2022

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On reining in Airbnbs

By Zander Frost, Chronicle Staff Writer

The Village of Lake George enacted rules on short-term rentals to great success, Mayor Bob Blais told The Chronicle.

Prior to the regulations, he said residential areas “had some unbelievable things, like a house with a swimming pool — a fraternity had a party there with 35-40 young people.”

“They actually put Porta-Johns out on the front lawn in front of their house. So …

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Kayrena Meyers of Qby. painted her own ‘Starry Night’ prom dress

Chronicle Managing Editor Cathy DeDe writes: Kayrena Meyers attended her Queensbury High School Senior Class prom on Saturday, May 7, in a “Starry Night” dress she painted herself.

Kayrena tells The Chronicle the dress was her final senior project in Advanced Drawing and Painting. The assignment was to create a large scale work inspired by another artist or art movement. “One of my favorite paintings is ‘The Starry Night’ by …

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Matt Rozell in Germany, as film is made about the WW2 rescue of ‘A Train Near Magdeburg,’ that his book revealed

By Matthew Rozell, Special to The Chronicle

Editor’s note: First of a 3-part series.

Last month, I finally got to travel to historical sites in Germany and France where events that occurred 16 years before I was born helped to shape my adult life — experiences chronicled in my 2016 book, A Train Near Magdeburg.

It was revelatory on many levels.

Film director Michael Edwards of Columbus, Ohio, and his …

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LG kayak trip had special meaning

By Bob Weinman, Special to The Chronicle

Editor’s note: Bob Weinman of Queensbury in 2021 set out to paddle Lake George each month of the year. He’s writing about it this year in The Chronicle.

April 17, 2021, 8:40 am. Ticonderoga Creek at the north end of Lake George. I stand barefoot in goose poop and consider how lucky I am.

It’s a damp, cold, gray day, and I …

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LG School Board: Free 150-word candidate statements

Linda Clark

If there ever was time to pay attention to school board elections, now is the time, even if you do not have children in the district! What families once trusted to be a safe harbor for children is no longer the case. What you are hearing across the country regarding the radical changes in education are being implemented right here in your communities. I cannot implore you enough …

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