Tuesday, October 26, 2021

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Hospital finances improve

By Mark Frost, Chronicle Editor

Glens Falls Hospital files its 2018 Internal Revenue Service 990 statement this week, and it shows improved financial performance — an $11.7-million gain for 2018 after a $34-million loss for 2017. But those numbers tell little of the story, because they are largely impacted by one-time transactions.

Last year, the hospital was deep in the red because of $39-million in unbilled services in the troubled …

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Alcohol: Argyle gears up

By Gordon Woodworth, Chronicle News Editor

Businesses are wasting no time after Argyle voters on Nov. 5 overwhelmingly approved four initiatives to allow the sale of alcoholic beverages in the long-dry town.

The laws will take effect as soon as the election results are certified, says the State Liquor Authority’s Audrey Ruffinen.

Vote totals should be certified by the end of the month, says Washington County Deputy Democratic Elections Commissioner …

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Braymer has eye on higher office; talks challenging Dan Stec

Glens Falls Ward 3 County Supervisor Claudia Braymer, who won re-election on Nov. 5 swamping Libertarian candidate Nathan Dunn, 473-94, makes no secret of her higher political ambitions.

“I do have aspirations for higher office. I have thought about [running for] Glens Falls mayor, but I think Dan Hall is doing a good job…I have more interest on the legislative side, and the next goal would be the State …

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Beaty drops sales tax plan; blames ‘mistrust of government’

By Gordon Woodworth, Chronicle News Editor

Doug Beaty has dropped his push to raise the Warren County sales tax from 7% to 8%, and use the new revenue to cut school and property taxes.

“To get it passed would have taken a two-thirds majority vote [on the Board of Supervisors] and I don’t think the votes are there,” he told The Chronicle Monday. “This was a winning plan, but people …

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Betty Little: ‘I haven’t decided’ whether to seek Senate re-election

State Senator Betty Little, in her ninth two-year term as 45th District State Senator, already has a challenger for November 2020 in Democrat Kimberly Davis, the current Clinton County treasurer.

Has Senator Little decided if she will run again next year? “No, I have not,” she said when contacted Monday morning. “I’m one way one day, and one way the next.”

“I will have to make a decision in …

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