Sunday, November 27, 2022

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Sorry for death of dog, but in defense of ice bubblers

To the Editor:

I’m sorry about your grandson’s dog, but your argument is emotionally based and anecdotal. [“Letter from Brant Lake: Blames bubblers for dog’s drowning,” Jan. 13 Chronicle]

Based on what you said, you should think about what you will say to your homeowner’s insurance provider when the ice does do actual damage to your home, because what you’re doing isn’t safe; you have
just been lucky.

’m not …

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Zander: Inside the Ice Castle

Chronicle Staff Writer Zander Frost writes: I took an impromptu guided tour of the Lake George Ice Castles Monday morning, courtesy of event manager Brad Buehlhorn.

Although the castle did not open to the public until 4 p.m., onlookers were already on hand, taking photos and trying to sneak peeks inside.

The excitement is palpable.

The castle is striking from the outside, but you don’t get an idea of the …

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What a night in Hudson Falls!

Chronicle Managing Editor Cathy DeDe reports: It was yet another one of those nights at the Strand Theater in Hudson Falls where literal strangers were grabbing me like old friends to exclaim, “Only in Hudson Falls!” Director Jonathan Newell and team were ear-to-ear excited.

Tim Reynolds, lead guitarist of the Dave Matthews Band, is a massively talented artist, though his semi-trippy blend of funk, rock and jamz might at moments …

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Paddled the length of Lake George, monthly for a year

By Bob Weinman, Special to The Chronicle

I blame my auntie for the idea. She is just a hint over 70 years old, and every month in 2020 she shared a photo of her sitting in her kayak in Lake George. Wind, rain, sun or snow, there she was sitting in her little kayak.

Pretty cool, I thought, so I copied her. I added one extra twist. After paddling the …

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Warren County’s Ginelle Jones on Covid: ‘Toward normalcy,’ even

Chronicle Managing Editor Cathy DeDe writes: We asked Ginelle Jones, Director of Warren Couunty Public Heath, about the new State-run Covid tracking and reporting system.

She said, “We are happy that people are able to get isolation and quarantine orders online to make it more convenient for our residents.”

Of self-reporting for in-home Covid tests, she said, “We have been getting 30 to 40 or so results a day, and …

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