Monday, January 17, 2022

Hot Copy

Peter Hoffman buys a buckboard

Not just any buckboard; a Joubert & White made in Warren St. building Hoffmans redeveloped.

By Gordon Woodworth, Chronicle News Editor

After years of searching, Peter Hoffman has purchased an original Joubert & White buckboard surrey that was made in the Warren Street complex he and his wife Suzanne bought and renovated as Warren Square.

“I’m delighted. This is the first one I’ve ever been able to buy,” he said.…

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Charles Evans Hughes has his day! Oct. 15 in Glens Falls

Charles Evans Hughes Day is Saturday, Oct. 15, beginning with a 1 p.m. program at the Hyde Collection on Warren Street, Glens Falls and continuing all day at the Hyde, with additional programs at the Chapman Historical Museum.

Admission to the Hyde is free all day.

Info: 792-1761.

In 1916, Glens Falls native Charles Evans Hughes was the Republican Party’s nominee for president, narrowly losing the closest uncontested election …

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What I learned about Hughes from LIFE magazine article

By Mark Frost, Chronicle Editor

Charles Evans Hughes was a great man. I have no doubt about that.

Born in Glens Falls, the son of a Baptist minister, Hughes excelled academically and first became famous in government when he confronted and cleaned up New York’s corrupt insurance industry.

What followed was an astounding career that, among other things, saw him elected governor of New York (over the publishing magnate William …

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Kate: LuLaRoe clothing is hot; local women join in selling it

By Kate Austin-Avon, Chronicle Freelance

“You look so cute today! Is that LuLaRoe?”

It’s the standard greeting at daycare drop-off, birthday parties and play groups these days.

LuLaRoe is the latest multi-level-marketing company that’s trending (think Mary Kay, Pampered Chef and Jamberry).

LuLaRoe’s flagship product is “buttery soft” leggings, which, paired with a tunic, are jokingly referred to as a “mom uniform” around the Internet.

“Many women find that the …

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