Unauthorized drone flight over Glens Falls Hospital during emergency helicopter landing

Glens Falls Hospital said that “on the evening of Monday, July 31 there was an unauthorized drone flight over Glens Falls Hospital…at the same time that a Life Flight emergency transport helicopter was landing.”

“This could have resulted in a catastrophic accident had the drone come into contact with the helicopter, putting lives at risk,” the release added.

“We want to remind the community that the airspace around the hospital is private property and permission is required in order to operate a drone over the hospital.  We do use drones for inspection of the facility and promotional efforts.  These drones are piloted by licensed professionals with a flight plan filed with the FAA.”

“Please do not operate private drones near or over Glens Falls Hospital.  If you have a reason to obtain drone footage of the hospital, you may contact the Hospital and Community Engagement office, (518) 926-5900, or email marketing@glensfallshosp.org.”

 “We want to emphasize that unauthorized drone flights over Glens Falls Hospital are dangerous and could result in a catastrophic event.”

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