Saturday, April 10, 2021

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GF Tennis & Swim Club’s pool won’t open this summer

The swimming pool at the Glens Falls Tennis & Swim Club won’t open this summer, The Chronicle has learned.

Board members had not returned calls seeking comment Tuesday, but a source with knowledge of the situation confirmed that the pool at the 51-yearold club on Sanford Street won’t open.

The club is struggling in its finances.

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Plea: Stop heckling the band!

By Jason Irwin, Chronicle Rock Columnist

I’ve been playing live music professionally for more than two decades, and I’ve been attending shows for much longer than that. Being a musician isn’t always as glamorous as it may seem. There are plenty of pet peeves t

hat go along with the gig, as in any job. Some just come with the territory. Some shouldn’t.

One of those, for myself anyway, is …

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Lionel Lemery: Tale of a Glens Falls guy who made his life in forest work

By Mark Frost, Chronicle Editor

Sometimes stories result from chance meetings. I happened to meet Lionel Lemery and his wife Mary Ellen at the Warrensburgh Historical Museum last November at the presentation about when Marilyn Monroe came to town in 1949.

Lionel, 72, and I got to talking. One of the things he told me is that as a young man he did on-the-ground survey work laying out the path …

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Pete & Debbie Smith close their East Cove

By David Cederstrom, Chronicle Staff Writer

After 48 years in business, Pete and Debbie Smith closed as of April 16 their East Cove Restaurant on Route 9L just east of Lake George Village.

Mrs. Smith tells The Chronicle that sale of the restaurant to the owners of the nearby Garrison Bar & Lounge was still underway, but not yet finalized (as of April 22).

Brian King, a partner in the …

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Soprano family now bottling, selling their marinara sauce

By Gordon Woodworth, Chronicle News Editor

The Soprano family of Queensbury, who operated pizza shops in Lake George Village and in Glens Falls, are now bottling and selling Soprano’s Marinara Sauce.

“Jacobs & Toney in Warrensburg was the first one on board, and they are doing the best,” said Tony Soprano, the son of Joe and Tina Soprano and a 2014 SUNY Oneonta graduate.

“They have gone through four or …

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