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Our January 9 Issue

Wedding issue Baptist Church sale falls through. Our 2020 big events schedule. Dialysis demand outruns Glens Falls facility. LG motel owners, Kenny kin, buy 196 Glen, downtown: $435,000. Meanwhile in Mexico City. Lake George to get $9.4-million more from NYS for sewage plant. Coming soon: 7 ice bars! Braymer enters Assembly race. Sheriff Murphy strikes a nerve on bail reform: 3 days, 58,000 Facebook friends. SGF laundromat sold: $1.05-million. Concerts, …

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Source: NYS will provide $7-million for LG sewer plant

By Gordon Woodworth, Chronicle News Editor

Work has started on the Village of Lake George’s new wastewater treatment plant, and the State of New York is getting ready to help ease the financial load.

A source I view as credible says state officials will help fund the state-mandated $24-million plant with a grant of at least $7-million, maybe more.

“I’m still optimistic,” Village Mayor Robert Blais said when contacted. “I’m …

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