Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Hot Copy

Glens Falls Hospital has 30 ventilators, ‘enough to meet our surge plan’

By Mark Frost, Chronicle Editor

“As of Monday afternoon, April 6, we have 12 inpatients who tested positive” for Covid-19, hospital spokesman Ray Agnew said in response to a Chronicle inquiry.

Asked how many are in intensive care (ICU), Mr. Agnew said, “This fluctuates literally hourly — in general between 5% and 12% require ICU care.”

Mr. Agnew said he could not say how many patients are in critical condition …

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Dr. Leach: 20 cases may mean 20,000 ‘brewing’

By Richard P. Leach, MD, Special to The Chronicle

Here are some critically important epidemiologic thoughts to consider in the face of this terrible COVID-19 pandemic.

First, the numbers we see today of infected and dead represent infections that were acquired 3 to 5 weeks ago. It is hard to comprehend this fact unless you study how this virus works. Those weeks represent what we call the incubation phase, during …

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Garden centers still hopeful as season opens

By Cathy DeDe, Chronicle Managing Editor

“It’s scientifically proven. Flowers make people happy,” says Tami Field, manager of Binley’s Florist and Garden Shop in Queensbury.

Like several other nursery-garden stores who responded to a Chronicle inquiry, Binley’s is upbeat even as Ms. Field said sales and walk-ins are down as the spring planting season arrives.

The businesses can be open amid the coronavirus “Pause” because New York State has deemed …

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Psychologist: Free support groups; advice for patients on medications

By Sandra Hutchinson, Chronicle Chief Operating Officer

Many people on mental health medications are now hesitant to go to a pharmacy to pick up their prescriptions for fear of contracting the coronavirus, said Glens Falls psychologist Dr. Gina Scarano-Osika, who contacted The Chronicle.

She said it can lead to increased depression and anxiety and, in some cases, relapse on substances like alcohol and drugs. Additionally, she says, suddenly stopping some …

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Wear a mask, urges Dr. Leach

By Richard P. Leach, MD, Special to The Chronicle

The question of how to use face masks in the current COVID-19 pandemic has been discussed quite a lot in recent weeks. The advice of experts has gone back-and-forth, confusingly. Things are starting to be a bit clearer now.

First it should be said that the virus that causes COVID-19, called SARS-CoV-2, is flung from an infected person’s throat into the …

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