Saturday, December 9, 2023

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Luzerne Music Center seeks $2 million for camp housing

By Cathy DeDe, Chronicle Managing Editor

At this week’s Monday night concert featuring jazzman Chris Brubeck and his band Triple Play, Luzerne Music Center introduced two model log cabins for its planned housing upgrade.

Camp Director Elizabeth Pitcairn said, “It’s so exciting, and very needed.”

Luzerne’s current small, signature green and white cabins date to the 1920s, when the facility was a camp for boys, said chief operating officer Jeff …

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Gene Merlino: Lake Luzerne was ‘ahead of the curve’ on milfoil

After The Chronicle’s story last week about how Lake George and four smaller lakes we selected are combating the invasive weed Eurasian WaterMilfoil, Lake Luzerne Town Supervisor Gene Merlino called to tell us about what his town is doing and has long been doing.

“We’re ahead of the curve, and have been for years,” he said. “We’ve been working on it for more than 10 years.

“We were the first …

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Owners close [forged] eatery ‘temporarily’ in Hudson Falls

The restaurant [forged] in Hudson Falls has closed “temporarily,” its owners announced on Facebook Tuesday morning.

AJ and Christina Richards, whose [farmacy] restaurant on Ridge Street in Glens Falls has gotten off to a fast start, wrote, “It is with great excitement and a heavy heart that we have decided with the upcoming construction and revitalization of our beloved Historic Courthouse, that now is the right time to take action …

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Tight, edgy ‘Sequence’ by Adk. Theatre Fest, to July 27

By Cathy DeDe, Chronicle Managing Editor

Some stories roll themselves out, maybe like a rug, over the course of the telling.

‘Sequence’ continues to July 27 at the Adirondack Theatre Festival.

Arun Lakra’s play Sequence turns in on itself in two subtly tightening tales that we might imagine as two circling tigers who could eventually eat their own tails.

Or, as Mr. Lakra said in a pre-show interview with The Chronicle, consider the form of the play as a double …

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Bob Blais: New push for year-round performing arts center in Lake George

Chronicle Managing Editor Cathy DeDe writes: Mayor Bob Blais has launched a new effort to create a year-round performing arts center in Lake George Village.

He said the most promising spaces now are the Towers Hall carriage house on the Fort William Henry property, and the Lake George Forum.

“Both have plusses and minuses,” Mr. Blais said. “The carriage house has a great location and it’s suitable to be covered …

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