Saturday, November 26, 2022

Chronicle Perspectives

2 GF grads, 1 in wheelchair, 2nd an extreme rock climber, find connection

By Cathy DeDe
Chronicle Managing Editor
Dylan McDonnell, 36, and Shane Borza, 38, are both Glens Falls High grads who likely passed in the hallways but never knew each other in school.
Today, one is here, wheelchair-bound, the other an extreme rock climber in California, but they find they have more in common than expected.
The result, if all goes according to plan, will be an “indie” documentary about living …

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Cathy: Ringside at MMA — guys fight; blood; & a fierce focus

By Cathy DeDe, Chronicle Managing Editor


What is it that drives men to get into a steel “cage,” bare-chested and bare-footed, ready to kick, punch, drop and twist — and be kicked, punched, dropped and twisted in return — all for glory only, no cash prizes? The glory? I think maybe not.

Ringside at Cage Wars 25, Glens Falls Civic Center’s first-ever Mixed Martial Arts contest on Saturday, May 17: …

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Build on the Buzz!

By Mark Frost, Chronicle Editor & Publisher

I’m about the energy, and the energy was sky-high in downtown Glens Falls prior to the final home hockey game of the Adirondack Phantoms.

I was leaving work at about 6:30. I came out the door and was struck not just that a throng was heading into the Civic Center (it was sold out), but also that the crowd was in a great …

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Our Patrick: On the road with Wild Adriatic

By Patrick Daley, Chronicle Staff Writer

Editor’s note: Chronicle staffer Patrick Daley spends many a weekend playing keyboards with the Queensbury-bred rock group Wild Adriatic — singer-guitarist Travis Gray, bassist Rich Derbyshire and drummer Mateo Vosganian. Here, Patrick chronicles their travels.

It was a tale of two gigs this past weekend with Wild Adriatic.

First stop: The Bull & Bear Pub in Syracuse.

You just never know what a …

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Ten toys tested & proved by Henry

By Kate Austin-Avon, Chronicle Freelance

Some of you out there might be headed to a baby shower or gearing up for a birthday party, and so I wanted to share with you Henry’s top 10 all-time favorite toys. You’ll win some major kudos with the kid of your choice if you bring them one of these gems.

10. Cardboard Box. You guys know about this one. They’re good for peek-a-boo, …

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