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Plea: Stop heckling the band!

By Jason Irwin, Chronicle Rock Columnist

I’ve been playing live music professionally for more than two decades, and I’ve been attending shows for much longer than that. Being a musician isn’t always as glamorous as it may seem. There are plenty of pet peeves t

hat go along with the gig, as in any job. Some just come with the territory. Some shouldn’t.

One of those, for myself anyway, is …

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Jason, ghoul for the day at Great Escape Fright Fest

By Jason Irwin, Chronicle Freelance Zombie

Accepting an “invitation” sent to The Chronicle in the form of a gruesome evidence bag full of blood and body parts (not real, I hope), I attended a “Black Carpet” event at Six Flags Great Escape this past Friday night.

Part of the invite included an interactive opportunity that I couldn’t resist: My girlfriend Tiffany and I — along with other members of area …

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Our Feb. 20 issue

This week, it’s our Prime Time Seniors issue!

Pick up your copy of the Chronicle and read about Matt Funicello’s run for Congress, Jason Irwin’s Lake George Winter Carnival helicopter ride, plus so much more!

Click to download as a PDF.

1521 p. 01 Mark Wine Bar, Patrick 20 somethings downtown desires

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