Q of the week: What biz would you like to see arrive or arise in the Glens Falls market?

‘What business would you like to see arrive or arise in the greater Glens Falls market?’

That was our Question of the Week last Thursday in the e-mail to Chronicle digital subscribers. (If you’re not subscribed, you should be! It’s free. Go to our web page, glensfallschronicle.com.)

Trader Joe’s and Costco were mentioned the most.

“Gourmet foods at supermarket prices,” Harriet Rogers of Glens Falls said of Trader Joe’s. Wrote Bethanie Muska Lawrence of Hudson Falls: Trader Joe’s — it’s got such a “cult” following and could really boost the local economy. Just look at the Trader Joe’s stores in Colonie and Halfmoon; they’re always busy!

Carol McCarthy in Lake George: Trader Joe’s. Interesting food selection at reasonable prices. Great customer service.

Meg Hagerty: Trader Joe’s! Wegmans!

Beth: Trader Joe’s — this would actually bring people to Glens Falls to shop.

Julie Brino in Lake Vanare, Lake Luzerne: Costco. Great quality and fair prices with less packaging waste.

Joanne Gavin in Lake George: Costco…the name says it all!

Wendy Schiavi in Queensbury: Costco

Some other chains drew support.

Bill Deppe in Queensbury: Cabela’s or Bass Pro Shop — Great business for gateway to ADK’s.

Joe Hogan in Hudson Falls: Bass Pro

Kelly Morgan in Glens Falls & Benson, VT.: A Healthy Living grocery store. Glens Falls residents deserve access to quality groceries with easy access. It’s been promised time & again, but it never materializes.

Laurie: Chik-Fil-A

Then there were customized replies.

Tim (Montgomery) in Queensbury: An authentic Indian Restaurant. Downtown (Glens Falls) and Queensbury have made great strides increasing options for diners. Yet we are missing Indian Cuisine. And I find I have to travel quite a distance to find authentic Indian food that compares to what I found in India.

Carl Tucker in Wilton: Any (business) that stands on its own without subsidy.

Paul Gallo in Thurman & East Rockaway: We REALLY need a Real Italian deli! Our area can support a business that caters to the needs of home cooks who need products like Pancetta, Fresh Mozzarella, imported deli meats like Supressta, Mortadella, and Speck are just some examples. Our community has become much more sophisticated in our eating habits, and lots of people have become great home cooks while working and just being more confined to those homes. I have to travel south to Troy just to get some of my basic needs to cook authentic Italian dishes.

Ronald Johnson in Hudson Falls: I would like to see cannabis sales outlets come to the Glens Falls region. Legalization happened a long time ago per the peoples choice. It’s high time we get the show on the road.

Frank Munoff in Queensbury: A quality Book Store.

Anne Powers in Glens Falls: A good shoe store.

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