Parking restrictions (and tickets) return to Glens Falls on January 1

The City of Glens Falls announced “parking regulations to resume in full” in a press release entitled, “Back to reality in 2023.”

The release said, “For the first time since the pandemic started in March 2020, the City of Glens Falls will again be enforcing the parking regulations within the City beginning this Sunday (January 1, 2023).”

“To prepare our residents, workers and visitors for this, City Police Officers have been providing warning messages since October on cars that were parked too long in any one spot.”

Mayor Bill Collins was quoted in the release, “No one likes to pay parking fines and the City most certainly doesn’t like to issue parking tickets.” 

“But with business being back to normal, the City needs to ensure that our downtown businesses have spaces available for their customers to park while they shop as well as for visitors who come to the City for any events,” he said.

“We understand that parking is a significant concern for our downtown workers, business owners, residents and visitors/shoppers,” Mayor Collins was quoted. “That’s why I commissioned a downtown parking utilization study last Summer which we will receive very shortly. And the Common Council’s Special Projects Committee is looking at the parking issue wholistically.”

The release said the city is “looking at parking needs throughout the City to move forward and beyond including overnight parking, enforcement (ticketing), parking downtown, parking lots, parking permits, needs for additional parking, and a city-wide parking app.  As the committee’s work progresses, the City will seek public comment on all those issues.”

The release said, “As a reminder, on-the-road parking spots in the Downtown District generally have a two (2) hour limit from 9am to 6pm. Those same spots are free from 6pm to 2am. Please remember, there is currently no parking on any street in the City of Glens Falls between 2am and 6am.

The list of streets and lots that will resume a 2 hour parking limit on January 1, according to the city:

                Glen Street from the Bridge to Pine Street

                Warren Street from Centennial Circle to Church Street

                Ridge Street from Centennial Circle to Washington Street

                Bay Street from Glen Street to Washington Street

                Pine Street from Glen Street to Elm Street

                South Street from Glen Street to Pine Street

                Hudson Avenue from Centennial Circle to Pine Street

                Park Street from Glen Street to School Street

                Civic Center Plaza from Glen Street to Warren Street

                Maple Street from Bay Street to Church Street

                Clinton Avenue from Elm Street to School Street

                Exchange Street from Elm Street to the end

                Lapham Place from Glen Street to Ridge Street

                Elm Street Parking Lot

                Ridge Street Parking Lot

                Warren Street Parking Lot

                Exchange Street Parking Lot



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