Monday, December 11, 2023


The Community Chapel of West Glens Falls closes

By Ben Westcott, Chronicle Staff Writer

The Community Chapel of West Glens Falls announced on its Facebook page on Oct. 4 that the chapel has closed permanently. The congregation continues virtual services through its Facebook page.

“Our building requires more repairs than we can afford,” it said in part.

Lisa Daly, treasurer since 1999 and a member at the church for 38 years, said the closing is primarily due to …

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Bike incident report draws big, intense response

By Zander Frost, Chronicle Staff Writer

Much fall-out and follow-up from last week’s Chronicle report of an incident on Veterans Road in Queensbury. A slew of bicyclists was using both lanes of the road. A woman driver said she was forced to stop her car, which she said was struck by a bicycle. She expressed fear.

The Chronicle found out that the incident occurred during the Glens Falls “MC” Rideout,” …

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Winn: 26 Washington County drug overdose deaths in year; 39, Saratoga Co.; at least 10 in Warren; says supervisors must address it

Dear Editor:

According to CDC statistics ( overdose.htm ), the provisional number for drug overdose deaths in Washington County for the 12 month period ending December 2022 was 26.

In Saratoga County, there were 39 deaths in 2022. Warren County reported 10 overdose deaths during this period, although this figure appears to be incomplete. For the Tri-County area, 75 deaths is a staggering number, particularly since such deaths are preventable …

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JG3: Entering NBA draft process and college transfer portal

Glens Falls native JG3 today announced his current plans as he heads towards his fifth and final year of college basketball eligibility. He said he will enter the 2023 NBA Draft Process, but also maintain collegiate eligibility and enter the transfer portal.

“From the time I was a little kid, I’ve been committed with a relentless pursuit to play the game of basketball at the highest level. My focus has

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More replies to our Q&A on short-term rentals

By Mark Frost, Chronicle Editor

The Chronicle Question of the Week to our digital subscribers on March 9 was: Have you ever stayed in an AirBnb or other short term rental? How was it? Do you think they’re good or bad for a community? Why?

So many responses flowed in that many didn’t make it in last issue.

The pluses and minuses

The ABNB was in Gatlinburg TN. It …

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