Thursday, July 25, 2024

Short-term rentals a long-term issue? Is it good or bad?

By Zander Frost, Chronicle Staff Writer

Last week, The Chronicle broke the story on developer Tom Elliot’s newest project — a renovation he said cost in excess of $1-million that has turned the vacant top two floors into three luxury short term rental units at 170 Glen Street, above Rude Betty.

It generated numerous comments and messages — in praise and denunciation.

“Glens falls doesn’t need anymore ‘luxury’ apartments, they need more affordable housing!” posted Facebook commenter Eva Marie Dague.

“Boooo, no short term rentals downtown,” wrote Keenan Brennan.

Nicole Tucker replied: “Say it loud enough so Glens Falls Chronicle stops covering this nonsense. Our wealth is our community and soon enough we won’t have one because no one can afford to live here.”

But E Pete Peterson retorted, “What more do people want? This person bought this building and sunk a bunch of money into it. There is a local small business on the first floor. The second and third floor were storage areas and hadn’t been touched in years. It’s not like he bulldozed affordable housing to build this.

“Speaking of a affordable housing, a lower income building was built on Broad St during the pandemic and it wasn’t that long ago that the chicken coops were torn down and replaced.”

Also positive, Eva Marie Dague: “Lovely. Hoping it will attract some interest”

Debbie Caruso: “Beautiful Transition”

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