Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Says Warren County should safeguard bike trail where exposed

To the Editor:

The tragic deaths two weeks ago on the Route 9 portion of the Warren County Bikeway brings into sharp focus the safety (or lack thereof) on that and other sections of the bikeway.

The stretch of the bike trail along Country Club and Round Pond Roads leave bikers, runners and walkers totally exposed and unprotected. One false move by a speeding or distracted driver could result in another tragic accident or fatality.

The Warren County Bikeway is one of this area’s greatest and most utilized resources.

Our County reportedly has a surplus of nineteen million dollars with more abundance to follow from the summer season.

I believe it is incumbent upon the County to explore options to enhance the safety of its citizens and visitors in regard to the bikeway. Barriers, blinking speed alerts, better signage and rumble strips are just a few options that might be considered.

From my perspective, enhanced safety on the bikeway is an idea whose time has come.

— Michael J. Crook, M.D.

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