Saturday, April 10, 2021

Ryan Moore says Warren County, GF & towns stand to receive millions from Fed stimulus

Warren County and its municipalities stand to receive “massive” sums — millions of dollars in several cases — from the proposed $350 billion federal stimulus bill, County Administrator Ryan Moore said in a memo to the County Board of Supervisors and other officials.

The Biden Administration’s $1.9-trillion bill as proposed would provide direct aid to local governments — that is, funds would not go through the hands of state government. The stimulus funds would be deliverable within 60 days of the bill passing, Mr. Moore noted in his memo.

Allowable uses are “flexible and broad,” Mr. Moore wrote, “ranging from the replacement of lost/delayed revenue to investments in bolstering the local economy.”

Mr. Moore said the following numbers are proposed amounts, still to be negotiated and approved (or not) by Congress.

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