Pride flag divide

By Mark Frost, Chronicle Editor

One of our biggest responses ever to the question we posed on April 18 to Chronicle digital subscribers: Do you support or oppose flying a Pride flag on Glens Falls’s City Hall flagpole? Why?

I fully support a pride flag because LGBTQ youth are seriously at risk in this community due to widespread intolerance & homophobic misinformation. It’s important that queer kids growing up in these conditions know that City Hall has their back when it comes to protecting them from bias and hate crimes.
— Dan Cameron, Glens Falls

The AMERICAN flag is the only one that should be flown. It encompasses everyone, instead of group division.
— Roette Palmatier, SGF

My answer is a solid NO! Let’s just keep the flagpole for what it was meant for, the American Flag.
— Mike J., Queensbury, N.Y.

No, because then where will it stop ? Everyone has a flag for something. If you want to have pride in something, make it America and its flag, First and Foremost.
— Dave Russell, Hudson Falls

Yes the Pride flag should be flown below the American flag. It’s not a group, but people. Glens Falls, open your minds.
— Natalie J Nugent, Glens Falls

While I absolutely support the values and sentiment behind the Pride flag, I hesitate to support it, or ANY other advocacy group flag, on a municipal flagpole. The Supreme Court has ruled that government entities, like a city for example, have the same free speech rights as individuals. As long as the council takes a vote on what flags they will allow, they would not be establishing the flagpole as a public forum, which would mean any and all flags would have to be allowed. But what about a scenario where our elected officials voted to fly a swastika, or Q-anon flag? The vote might make it legal, but it wouldn’t make it right. I think stick to official governmental flags, and find other ways to show Glens Falls supports those values.
— Tanya Goldstein

No. Why? Because it creates a division. I have always worked with gays and trans and it all blended and was accepted. They were work associates and friends, their choice of partner or sex life was their business. This whole Woke movement, with over the top display of sexuality, is to get noticed and to be different. Rather we all become one One, as in an American.
— Linda Wohlers

I think that if the City Council asks itself if they support the rights of the LGBTQ+ community and the answer is yes then it is incumbent upon them to vote to fly to pride flag in the month of June to show that support. Glens Falls should act like a welcoming Hometown City for everyone.
— Ron Stevenson,Queensbury

How about equal time for the Pro-Life flag? Or the “Join or die” flag?
I think I’ll suggest it to council!
— Alicia R, Queensbury

We have one flag that represents all!!! That’s the American flag. If someone wants to fly other flags at their homes they have the right to, but keep schools, court houses, state and federal institutions neutral.
— Renny Devine, Hudson Falls

I support a decision by the city of equality and inclusivity. It seems everyone has a cause or purpose. Why not support it?
— Cynthia, South Glens Falls

There are many different Pride Flags. Because of the variety and different meanings, I can appreciate opinions on both sides of this issue. In the spirit of diversity, inclusion and equality, I would support the City hanging the Pride flag known as the “Straight Ally Flag.” Frankly, I think that it would best represent the majority of opinion in our community, and fairly resolve this otherwise divisive issue.
— Edward Pontacoloni Lake George

There are so many groups in the United States that might like to display their own flag; you’re going to need a taller flagpole.
— Paul C, QB

No, definitely. It is a minority and an aberration not to be celebrated. Perhaps we should celebrate gay shame week instead.
— Evan V, Chestertown

Yes. It would be a wonderful reminder all are welcome, here.
— Terri Hart

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