New owners of Delsignore’s Wines & Liquor

By Zander Frost, Chronicle Staff Writer

Ling and Jimmy Guo moved here from El Paso, Texas, where they operated a restaurant and ice cream and bubble tea shop.

Delsignore’s Wine & Liquor on Dix Avenue in Glens Falls is under new ownership by Jimmy and Ling Guo as of September 1.

The couple said they moved here from El Paso, Texas, where they lived for 20 years and operated a Chinese restaurant and ice cream and bubble tea shop.

They said they were 15 and 17 years ago when they emigrated from China to New York City. “We love it. Big city. Chinatown, everything,” Ms. Guo said.

“We have a whole family in New York. So we moved back…[to] find something like a business or thing to do, like careers,” Ms. Guo said.

They wanted to “try learning something new,” Mr. Guo said.

He said he thought operating the liquor store would be “easy, but it’s not so easy,” he laughed. But, “so far so good, little by little.”

Mr. Guo said one of the biggest challenges is understanding the products— what to buy, from who, and how much.

“Some salesmen are very nice,” he said. They’ll talk for “two or three hours, but some don’t have the time. They just want your order. ‘Order that, order that.’”

Do they miss the restaurant? It’s “hard to bring people to work in Chinese restaurant,” Mr. Guo said. “You always have Chinese people to cook with the Chinese food.”

Bubble tea — sweet, flavored tea with tapioca balls at the bottom — is very popular, particularly in hot weather.

Would they consider launching a bubble tea location here? “No, not right now,” Mr Guo said.

“Someone told me before. You can open one in Lake George. You can open like six months and close for six months!” Mr. Guo laughed.

He said, “Maybe later. Right now we need to take care of the liquor store, because we are new for the liquor store. [I’m] still learning everything, talking to the customer.”

Ms. Guo emphasized that Delsignore’s prices are much lower now She said they will stay low going forward.

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