Monday, January 17, 2022

Morgan & Co. veranda will be open all winter

By Zander Frost, Chronicle Staff Writer

Before the porch was heated: Chronicle file photo: Morgan & Co., owner-chefs Rebecca Newell-Butters and husband Steve Butters.

The porch at Morgan & Company restaurant in downtown Glens Falls is now heated and will be open all winter.

Contacted for comment, co-owner Rebecca Newell-Butters said, “We had a curtain on it last year and this year we took it a step further.

“We insulated it and we added a furnace under the porch with hot air returns just like you’d see in someone’s living room.”

She said the porch gets up to around 70 degrees.

Ms. Newell-Butters said, “We always had heaters on the porch… but they kind of fried people’s heads.”

She said the entire outdoor improvements have taken about four years.

On the grounds in front of the building, “my husband [Steve Butters] put the patios in with Mead’s, and my dad [the late City Attorney Ron Newell] got the licensing for them. And then we expanded them like two years ago right before Covid hit, which was fortuitous.

She said it harkens back to the “olden days” of the McEchron house. “Everybody used to sit on the porch.”

The restaurant’s name Morgan & Co. refers to the vintage lumber company in which the building’s first owner William McEchron and other Glens Falls pioneers made some of their fortunes.

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