Sunday, November 27, 2022

Glens Falls Rotary’s Citizens & Rotarians of the Years

The Glens Falls Rotary Club presents its annual Citizen of the Year Award to a non-Rotarian who exemplifies Rotary ideals of service in the local and regional community, and professional and personal ethics.

Rotarian of the Year is for a current member of the club, not on the Board, who exemplifies the ideals of Rotary by their outstanding service to the club.

Glens Falls Rotary Club current members (at least most of them)
Members and guests at the weekly lunch meeting on Thursday, Sept. 15, at the Queensbury Hotel. Note: Long-time member Jacquiline Touba arrived after this photo was taken.
From left, front row: David Bogue, Brian Corcoran, Steve Borgos, Rotary Club President Jennifer Brink, Kim Heunemann, James Amell
Middle row: Kim Bren, Lynda Albright, Suzanna Bernd, Janet Nolin, Teresa Dunn, Centennial Celebration co-chair Jean Lapper, Donna Farrar, Charla Jennings, Katie Vogel, Rachael Hunsinger Patten, Russ O’Connor
Back row: Frank O’Keeffe, guest Rachelle Tessier, Lake George Mayor Robert Blais (the day’s guest speaker) Don Krebs, Patti Pepe (a little in front of Don), behind is Matt Baitinger. Harrison Freer, Andrew Holding, behind is Ryan Haig. Tim Bechard, David Schwenker, Neil Lebowitz, Robert Rosoff, Centennial Celebration co-chair John Fitzgerald. Chronicle photo/Cathy DeDe

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