Sunday, December 10, 2023

Glens Falls Hospital has 30 ventilators, ‘enough to meet our surge plan’

By Mark Frost, Chronicle Editor

“As of Monday afternoon, April 6, we have 12 inpatients who tested positive” for Covid-19, hospital spokesman Ray Agnew said in response to a Chronicle inquiry.

Asked how many are in intensive care (ICU), Mr. Agnew said, “This fluctuates literally hourly — in general between 5% and 12% require ICU care.”

Mr. Agnew said he could not say how many patients are in critical condition unless he’s asked specifically by their names, and he said he had no breakdown by county of the Covid-19 patients.

Asked how the number of Covid-19 patients compared to the hospital’s admitted patients overall, Mr. Agnew said, “The census is quite low because we have put off all procedures that can be safely postponed. This morning there were 107 patients in house.”

Mr. Agnew noted, “Our Emergency Department — ED — tells us they don’t remember it ever being this slow. We may see 125 patients a day in the ED on a ‘normal’ week. We are now seeing between 50 and 75. Fewer cars on the road, no sports activities, etc.”

Asked how many ventilators the hospital has, Mr. Agnew said, “We have 30.”

Asked how many are in use, he said, “This also fluctuates — I can tell you we have enough critical care beds and vents to meet our surge plan.”

Mr. Agnew said New York State has not taken any ventilators for use elsewhere.

Asked if the hospital has been able to obtain more (and sufficient) N95 masks and other safety needs for health care providers, Mr. Agnew replied, “We do get a regular resupply, and we have increased usage because we are seeing more patients.

“Again, we planned for this by preserving PPE [Personal Protective Equipment] early on. So far, our plan is working and we have sufficient supplies to continue implementing the plan. I also want to thank the community — so many individuals and businesses have stepped up to help.”

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