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Our Dec. 19 issue

Find yourselves a copy of this week’s issue – jam-packed with Christmas week goodies: Stories about the Amish moving in, Mormons headed out, George Stephanopoulos sends a gift, Glens Falls’ big plans. Inside, even more: Friends rally ’round a Queensbury family after tragic loss, a bedrock Whitehall family, our super-busy Chronicle calendar of events.

Merry Christmas! Merry Everything!

Thank you for reading.

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Our Dec. 12 issue

Hudson Headwaters, Gordon’s provocative question about casinos, young Stephen Satterfield making good leaps in professional dance, celebrating Queensbury teams, challenging times in Fort Ann, Mark Frost on Nelson Mandela – and the best events calendar, maybe anywhere. We’re happy it’s Thursday so we can SHARE it with you. Feel free to share again. Your weekly Chronicle front page upload. Thank you for reading.

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Our Dec. 5 issue

We have tons of news for you this week, two front page opinion pieces, and something like 2,897 community events — most of them holiday oriented. (Perhaps we exaggerate a tiny bit, but it is BUSY out there!)

Happy reading! Thank you for being part of our Chronicle community. When you’re shopping locally or attending that tree lighting, please tell them you saw it in The Chronicle.

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Our Nov. 27 issue

You know what we’re thankful for? Readers, advertisers, these great North Country communities we’re so happy to be a part of, and new and interesting stories to tell every week.

Happy Thanksgiving, all. Here’s this week’s front page.

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Our Nov. 21 issue

We’re coming at you in two jam-packed sections today with a salute to Couples and Families in business. Plus: If you thought you’d never see editor Mark Frost out of his element, try this week’s Scoop!

Whatever you read first, we thank you for being part of The Chronicle family.

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