Biden nearly won Warren County; 57 votes

By Mark Frost, Chronicle Editor

Donald Trump won Warren County by just 57 votes over Joe Biden, after early and absentee votes were finally all counted. On Election Night, Trump led 12,603 to 7,069. But when the Board of Elections posted official final results Tuesday, Trump ended up winning by just 17,699 to 17,642. Biden won absentee ballots 5,831 to 2,499 and the early votes, 4,742 to 2,597. Total percentages were 48.96 percent for Trump, 48.80 percent for Biden.

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik ended up winning Warren County, 53.73 percent to 46.19 for Tedra Cobb. Total vote count was 19,315 for Stefanik to 16,604 for Cobb. Stefanik led by more than 7,000 votes (13,550 to 6,532) on election night but early and absentee votes narrowed the final gap to 2,711.

Dan Stec’s Senate race carried Warren County by 63.18 percent (22,345 votes) to 36.76 percent (12,999 votes) over Kimberly Davis.

Matt Simpson’s margin in Warren County over Claudia Braymer for Assembly was 18,850 (53.84 percent) to 15,689 (44.81 percent). Evelyn Wood garnered 454 votes in Warren County, 1.3 percent.

Rob Smith won the Warren County Judgeship over Nikki Moreschi, 19,684 to 15,408. In percentage terms that’s 56.05 percent to 43.88. Greg Canale, who lost in the primary garnered 14 wrote-in’s.

In Queensbury Ward 4, Tim McNulty won the town council seat with 1,506 votes (49.79 percent) to Amanda Magee’s 1,249 (41.29 percent) and Travis Whitehead’s 269 (8.89 percent).

Turnout was a high 79.65 percent.

Registered Voters: 45,521

Ballots Cast: 36,258

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