Wednesday, February 28, 2024

All smiles at Fort William Henry

By Mark Frost, Chronicle Editor

Fort William Henry President & General Manager Sam Luciano and CEO Kathy Muncil, Thursday night, June 17, as the Lake George landmark unveiled and celebrated its transformed carriage house — now a banquet facility that uniquely capitalizes on its heritage and lake proximity.
On Thursday, June 15, Fort William Henry unveiled its strikingly transformed 19th century Carriage House overlooking Lake George in a memorable party for hundreds of invited guests.

It’s now a banquet facility able to accommodate up to 500 guests.

Fort William Henry Corporation CEO Kathy Muncil, daughter of the late Bob Flacke, who long steered the landmark business, addressed the crowd briefly.

She said in part, “We love this building. We love the sense of place and the view. And we thank you for loving our expansion as well…

“So we at Fort William Henry want to share three very important guiding lights that we have learned and we use from this project.

“First, we are grateful. Grateful to those who carried this vision before today, those that have passed, our forefathers. They’re now in heaven. And I assure you, their vision continues.

The outside deck is sure to be a gathering spot for wedding and banquet goers, especially if a cloudy day suddenly turns sunny as happened for the party. Lake George Steamboats passing by are a bonus. Left photo/Cathy DeDe, Right photo/Mark Frost

“We’re also very grateful for this team that Sam [Luciano, President and General Manager] just introduced, the opportunities that we’ve been gifted, being here having stewardship of this unique parcel overlooking the most beautiful lake in the world. We’re just grateful to be stewards of this treasured land.

“Second, we love our community, we cherish our community, it is second to none. And that’s all of you. Truly it has taken this team, this village, this town and this county of you caring souls.

“For this team — for us to climb this mountain to get to this point, there was really never any mountain that could stop us from pursuing this vision.

“We want this local treasure to be the gathering place for your kids, for your families, during happy times, and during the moments we need to be with each other.

“Third and final. We are so confident in the future. As we stand here today. And we take in the beauty of this truly a national treasure, we are sure that the future will bring great success to all of us.

“We are in this together, we truly are, and the light shines so very bright on Lake George, on the lake George of the future, with all of you at the helm.

The party of the summer has already happened, writes Mark Frost. Invited guests by the hundreds were treated to food, drink, music, dancing, atmosphere, history and Lake George. Fort William Henry took a quantum leap in what it offers. Cathy DeDe photo

“We all want the same thing. A clean Lake that affords so many of us to live a good life and to create magical moments and memories of families and connections and community.

“There truly is no place like Lake George. So, lucky us, I’m sure you would agree. So thank you again. Thank you to the team for Fort William Henry, and really thank you to all of you. We are inspired by your support.

A floor to ceiling photo mural in the entry corridor honors the carriage house’s past, even as alarm boxes grab spots too. Chronicle photo/Sandra Hutchinson

“And we hope that this significant investment is replicated 1,000 times over across the community. It’s truly our pleasure to have you here. Thank you.”

Oysters and everything else was served in abundance. Chronicle photo/Cathy DeDe
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