Sweet Rice Thai Sushi on Dix transforms former Sam’s Diner

A Thai couple have transformed the vintage former Sam’s Diner at 23 Dix Avenue in Glens Falls into Sweet Rice Thai Sushi. It opened on November 4.

Wife and husband owners Ae Siraroj and Ake Pholsamak did the renovations themselves over three months. They repainted the walls, re-did the floor and counter, and even built the tables.

Ms. Siraroj said they offer items either new or rare locally — including the Vietnamese soup dish pho, and bubble tea.

Bubble tea is a popular sweet, flavored drink with tapioca balls at the bottom. Ms. Siraroj says their most popular flavors are taro and mango.

Their unique Thai dishes include a fried chicken pad thai, and the northern Thai dish “Khao Soi Kai,” with crispy noodles over a curry.

Why this location? Ms. Siraroj, laughing, said she looked at other spots, “but my house is very close.

“And I know the customers in Glens Falls are nice people…and I know the customers and I know what they like — sushi and Thai food.”

“He’s a good chef to do that,” Ms. Siraroj said, referring to her husband, Ake. She said they have lots of sushi experience from their time in Florida.

Ms. Siraroj said she moved to Glens Falls in 2014 and worked at Siam Thai Sushi as a server. Before that, she worked in Saratoga, Florida and Seattle.

She said she was born in Bangkok and came to America in 2008. Ae came “a long time before,” she laughed. They met at the restaurant where they both worked, and got married in Florida.

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