Thursday, August 6, 2020

Shirt Factory’s Food Truck Corrals return; big changes

Chronicle Managing Editor Cathy DeDe writes: The Thursday Market & Food Truck Corral returns to the Shirt Factory on Lawrence and Cooper Streets in Glens Falls on May 21 — though with significant changes due to Social Distancing protocols, says organizer and Shirt Factory owner Eric Unkauf.

Owner Eric Unkauf at the Thursdays Food Truck Corral, last year at the Shirt Factory in Glens Falls. It’s back on May 21, but won’t look like this in 2020. Chronicle photo/Mark Frost

Hours are 4:30 to 8 p.m.

Again there will be food truck vendors offering dinners, sweets, baked goods, farmers’ market items and more.

Details including list of vendors and how to contact them are on Facebook.

The plan: Order food online from one vendor or multiple vendors, and make one single credit card payment for the full order. Ordering and menus will be on the new Website Mr. Unkauf said he hopes to have it live by this Friday, May 8.

You include your requested pick-up time and your car license number with the order. Runners in safety gear will pack your order from the various vendors and then deliver it to your car when you arrive.

Craft vendors and artists will be added when that is allowed, Mr. Unkauf said.

He said he plans also to set up a similar site for the artists and merchants who have stores in the building as a whole.

“In any event,” he said, “I don’t expect a return to the normal format of Thursday Market this year.”

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