Open Door’s Balloon Fest Breakfast is back, in a tent

By Cathy DeDe, Chronicle Managing Editor

The Open Door Mission’s Big Balloon Breakfast is back this year at Warren County Airport but it will take place in a tent, not in the hangar, which is undergoing renovations.

Breakfast is served during the Balloon Festival on both Saturday and Sunday, from 6 to 10 a.m. Cost: $10, $6 child.

About 26 volunteers are still needed for Sunday morning to do jobs lasting 3 to 4 hours, between 3 and 10 a.m.

Jobs include grilling, cashiering, cleaning tables, and packing food containers. Contact Cheyenne Reuter at

“We plan to be able to serve around 2,000 meals this year,” said Open Door Marketing Specialist Matthew Waddilove.

“We will have limited seating, so we are looking forward to how the event will run, but it will definitely look different than in years past.”

The menu: Pancakes and sausages prepared fresh on site. It’s a more limited menu because of the space constraints.

“In our largest year the Big Balloon Breakfast raised $20,000 for the mission…which really enabled us to serve the people who come through our doors hungry and hurting.” Mr. Waddle said.

“Our Transitional Shelter has been growing steadily and we have really caught our stride working with our Program Participants, and this is really encouraging as the opening of our 52-bed men’s Shelter on our 3rd floor” nears.

“We will be serving nine women and 52 men; that’s quadruple what we serve currently, and it’s through support at events like this and our great donors that we are able to keep doing the work we do.”

He said Open Door is averaging “about 1,020 meals a month served out of our kitchen” on Warren Street, Glens Falls, “and we distributed 10,728 meals last month from our Food Pantry.”

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