Sunday, December 5, 2021

Lynn Boecher: Vitriol makes it harder to draw candidates

By Cathy DeDe, Chronicle Managing Editor

As filing time arrives for next November’s election, long-time Warren County Democratic Chair Lynne Boecher said fewer candidates are willing to run.

“There’s so much political vitriol nationally, which has discouraged anyone from getting into the arena,” Ms. Boecher said.

Quite frankly, I’m not trying to convince anybody to put themselves through this who hasn’t made the decision to run on their own. I’m not going to push for anyone to get into this cesspool.

“I am certainly encouraging and articulating that we will do anything to help and that you can make a difference on a local level. There are a lot of highly skilled and qualified people in our community who are very politically engaged, but don’t want to get involved because of the rhetoric.”

Ms. Boecher noted the apparent friction on the Warren County Board of Supervisors under newly elected Chairwoman Rachel Seeber. “I do think it’s a work in progress,” Ms. Boecher said. “I’ll be as anxious as you are to see where it’s going.

She adds, “Frankly, I would have liked to see (Democrat) Claudia Braymer as Chairman of the Board of Supervisors. However, she was not elected so I would defer to Chairman Seeber to settle things.”

She said she is “not happy” to see “two Democrats” — new county minority leader Ms. Braymer, and Queensbury Town Supervisor John Strough — at odds on the county board. Mr. Strough has offered a resolution to do away with the majority-minority leader positions implemented by Ms. Seeber; Ms. Braymer defended them.

Ms. Boecher also cites ongoing and increasingly heated rhetoric between Congresswoman Elise Stefanik and Governor Andrew Cuomo.

“I’m most concerned about COVID, and vaccination, and I applaud the governor’s approach to get as many people vaccinated as possible. We have an underserved challenging population here in Washington County, the elderly rural.

“To me, right now, Democrats and Republicans should be working to get this vaccine directly to them.”
Of the Governor’s having underreported nursing home deaths, Ms. Boecher said, “I’m not following directly what was said, but of course it’s concerning.”

Dem chair Boecher is critical of both Stefanik, Tedra Cobb

In an interview with The Chronicle, Warren County Democratic Chair Lynne Boecher volunteers criticism of both Republican Congesswoman Elise Stefanik and Democrat Tedra Cobb, who challenged and lost to her in 2018 and 2020.

Ms. Boecher said of Rep. Stefanik, “I’m very disappointed. I find her challenge to the legitimacy of the Biden presidency disgusting and out of line. When she was first elected, I saw her as a young woman with much promise, but she has put herself so firmly to the right. I have lost respect for her.”

Ms. Boecher said of Ms. Cobb, that in advance of the 2020 election, “I directed her to participate in all debates in the area here,” and to be interviewed by all local media, “including The Chronicle.”

“She was the underdog, and as such, I felt it was incumbent upon her to use every press venue encompassed in the area. She chose to go a different route.”

Ms. Cobb rejected a debate offered by Spectrum News to be shown in the Capital Region and declined even to submit a free 150-word statement to The Chronicle.

Ms. Boecher expressed doubt about the Backroads PAC (political action committee) newly founded by Ms. Cobb.

“I support any PAC that has Democrats slated for success,” Ms. Boecher said, but she added, “I don’t know that two failed attempts is where I would turn for a successful formula. I would think it would be more successful if it were being created by someone who had figured out how to run successfully, but I wish her well.” — Cathy DeDe

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