Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Look, ma, no hands! but repairs on way

The faces on the landmark clock on Glen Street were alarmingly bare of late, when the hands on the south face were removed.

But its time isn’t over permanently.

“The clock is being fixed,” Chuck Gohn said in response to a Chronicle query.

Mr. Gohn is the president of Associates of Glens Falls, the insurance agency that owns the clock and stands just behind it.

“It’s a finicky, 100-plus-year-old clock. There’s a clock inside the office that controls the clock outside and another one in here. There are a lot of mechanicals and old electrical,” said Mr. Gohn

“Allen Grace has been working on the clock since 1977 or 1978. His business is called Clock Doctor, and he’s out of Middletown Springs, Vermont. He’s the clock whisperer.

“There are mercury switches that are bad, and old wiring. Allen is working with some other folks to get the right kind of wire.

“He’s hoping to get it back up and running in the next two weeks.”

Mr. Gohn said in the 1990s, “Associates of Glens Falls donated the clock to the City, because we knew how meaningful it is to everyone.

“Since then, on a gentleman’s handshake, we take care of all maintenance on the clock. We recognize that the clock means a lot to the City. It means a lot to us, too. It’s our logo, and we’re happy to take care of it.” — Frost & Woodworth

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