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LG Village in crackdown on boats that dock too long: Fines; penalties

No more Mr. Nice Guy from Lake George Village in regard to boats that monopolize its public docks.

“This year,” the village said in a press release, “the Village’s six public docks have seen a marked increase in boaters using the docks for extended periods of time both day and night.

“Some vessels have been docked for weeks at a time, cutting down on available spaces for those wishing to visit the Village to shop and dine.”

Now “the Village Board has increased the fines and penalties for violations.”

Mayor Bob Blais was quoted: “With the lack of available dock space and the increase in dock fees at marinas on the lake, some boaters have used our docks as a marina.”

Yet, “Village fines for overtime and overnight parking are much less than docking at a marina.”

Mayor Blais reported, “One boat owner paid $1,100 in fines and a towing charge while living on his boat for three weeks.”

The village “increased overtime parking fines to $50 and overnight parking to $100 in an attempt to curb the abuse.”

Among other changes, “the Village can now prohibit certain boats from using the docks or face a $500 fine.”

“Once again a few ruined it for the majority,” Mayor Blais was quoted. “One boat, 46 feet long, stayed two weeks taking one whole dock before they finally moved at the threat of being towed.”

“We want as many boaters as possible to enjoy our docks and the Village. Not just a few who refuse to obey the rules,” Mayor Blais said.

“The public docks are available from 9 a.m. to 5 a.m. daily. Parking is $3 per hour for any size boat.” Info: 668-5771.

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