LG School Board: Free 150-word candidate statements

Linda Clark

If there ever was time to pay attention to school board elections, now is the time, even if you do not have children in the district! What families once trusted to be a safe harbor for children is no longer the case. What you are hearing across the country regarding the radical changes in education are being implemented right here in your communities. I cannot implore you enough to understand the direction school board candidates intend to take your district and to vote smart at the polls. What is happening, will change this country.

Children have the right to grow without suggestive rhetoric. They must learn how to think — not what to think. Education must be free from an agenda that breaks down pride in our country, the normal development of childhood innocence, and parental rights.

Please connect to https://www.facebook.com/LakeGeorgeClarkDoster/ for more information on my background/platform.

Lisa Doster

VOTE – May 17th Lisa Doster For Lake George School Board.

A parent of 2 children in the district, vested community member and 20-year business owner in the region. A strong background in contract writing and financial negotiation that will serve in policy writing and fiscal responsibilities.

I bring common sense measures and strong analytical abilities to simplify problems with solutions. Top items of importance – Parental Rights in Education, Transparency in Education, Insuring a Safe and Healthy Learning Environment, Fiscal Responsibility, Maintaining Special Programs, and Forever Honoring and Keeping Our Warriors Spirit and Symbol.

Teaching our children to think for themselves while respecting our laws, individual circumstances, values and freedoms. Our success lies in prioritizing what is most important to impact and empower our children for a future that results in a productive manner in society.

Our Children, Our Choice, Our Future!

Mario Fasulo

We’ve seen the Lake George BOE positively impact the school and student experiences. As someone who’s been a leader and developer of people in business for over thirty years, I can support that forward momentum. I have the skills to listen to concerns, manage budgets responsibly, and to allocate resources that maintain and improve student programs.

Upcoming challenges will be many.

In our district we currently face declining enrollment, supporting a new superintendent, and promoting our children’s wellness. My focus will be on decisions that have a positive impact on students, staff, and facilities while representing the community.

I’m not running for a seat with a goal of achieving a political agenda. My goals are to listen, research, and use my experiences as a leader, a community member, and a father to govern in a way that will unite and support students, faculty, and the residents of Lake George.

Maryanne MacKenzie

I am the parent of two recent Lake George graduates, and am the current vice president of the LG board of education.

I am invested in safeguarding the experiences of our community’s children and all those who care for them. We have a responsibility to our children to support and prepare them to become successful adults while navigating the complexities of our time.

To optimally achieve this, we must be responsive and adaptable. I bring an open mind and objectivity to the board, with focus on healthy student-centered decision making, which is inclusive, collaborative, and transparent, while being procedurally and fiscally sound.

I endorse educational models that maximize student achievement. I support the social and emotional wellness and safety of all members of the school community. If re-elected, my dedication and the knowledge and experiences I’ve attained through board service will provide continuity and support toward achieving district goals.

Christopher Picard

The students at Lake George School District are my top priority. In collaboration with the current board, teachers, and administrators, I will work hard to make sure that every child is given every opportunity to succeed.

The amount of care and professionalism at the Elementary School has motivated me to run for the board and give back in any way I can.

I have two daughters at Lake George Elementary School. If elected, I will bring a perspective focused on student support services, fiscal responsibility, and parental/stakeholder input on all policies.

I would like to promote opportunities in skilled trades for kids who are unsure about college.

My professional experience will be an asset to this district which I will use to enhance our buildings and grounds while maintaining fiscal responsibility for our stakeholders.

Donna Prime

I am running to continue to support Lake George’s highly respected education, arts and athletics programs.

Due to declining enrollment we will be challenged to ensure that we can still provide a wide range of opportunities while remaining fiscally responsible.

We are fortunate that our district has developed partnerships with BOCES and SUNY Adirondack. I think we should also explore work-study opportunities with local businesses. I believe that no matter what their background is, or where they want to go, each student should be given full access to the tools they need to succeed. College/trade, artist/athlete, gay/straight, minority/white — diversity should be celebrated!

I want EVERY student to feel supported by their school board members. That said, the only CRT I promote teaching is Critical Rational Thinking, which is necessary to develop future leaders. I support the pursuit of excellence — which is the foundation of Warrior pride.

Gregg Sawdy

My name is Gregg Sawdy and I am running for the Lake George School board to inflict change into how the curriculum and policies that most impact our children are managed.

Although taxpayers pay 86% of school funding, they have minimal say in the education of their children. On the contrary, New York State provides just over 10% of funding and holds a majority of the power.

Taxpayers should be setting local school policy that impacts their children versus bureaucrats whose loyalty is paid for by corporations and whose outcome is to divide us rather than unite us.

With the current environment of federal and state corruption, it is time to take our communities back, which starts with our children.

Hear LG candidates at length: Debate can be viewed on YouTube

What to hear more from the Lake George School Board candidates? The League of Women Voters of Saratoga County held a candidates debate on May 3.

It’s available now on YouTube. Search “Lake George School Board” and look for the May 3 Public Hearing and Meet the Candidates Night, or go directly to www.youtube.com/watch?v=P38IXv7Ol3A.

The debate begins about 26 minutes into the meeting. The candidates discussed at length such issues as declining enrollment and the district’s planned Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) policy.

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