Sunday, November 27, 2022

Lapper says it was ‘a stunt’ to cancel reenactment over gun issue; Stec: Legal liability real

Chronicle Staff Writer Zander Frost writes: Last week The Rogers Island Visitor Center in Fort Edward said it cancelled its 18th Century Military Encampment & Battle Reenactment due to “New York State’s new gun law that restricts the carrying of firearms in ‘sensitive places.’”

Senator Stec blasted the law in a subsequent press release.

His November opponent Jean Lapper referred to the move as a “political stunt.”

She said, “The governor came out and clearly said that reenactments did not violate the gun rules. The sheriffs have said that….and the idea that the Washington County Sheriff would have arrested somebody for carrying a musket just doesn’t make any sense to me.”

Senator Stec said Rogers Island cancelled the event on legal advice.

“There have been several cancellations all around the state on reenactments, because the law says these guns are illegal and if heaven forbid something happens, there’s an incident or someone gets hurt, and whether it’s a criminal issue or a civil issue, if all of the sudden you’re in court on an issue, somebody’s going to say you have an illegal event. I mean, that’s just a liability.”

“No governor can change the law by simply making a press announcement that ‘This isn’t what the law says,’ Senator Stec said. “..And you haven’t seen the state police saying we are not going to enforce the law.”

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