Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Knights, Wolves, Black Bears, Hawks: GF’s final mascot options

The final choices for Glens Falls’ new mascot, as chosen by “the Superintendent’s Student Cabinet,” are Knights, Wolves, Black Bears, and Hawks, Superintendent Krislynn Dengler announced Tuesday.

“The final ranked-choice survey will be released to GFHS students on Wednesday, and to the community on Thursday!” Dr. Dengler said in an email.

“The Superintendent’s Student Cabinet has met regularly to analyze data from our two previous student and community surveys: the values definition exchange of thoughts, and the exercise to match mascot ideas to those defined values.”

“From hundreds of data points, the Cabinet refined our values to be UNITY, SUPPORT, PASSION, and GRIT!

“And from hundreds of additional data points, the Cabinet distilled the final choices for Glens Falls’ new mascot…”

“It is very important to note that we will remain GF NATION, and continue using that moniker going forward — we are simply choosing a mascot to go with it.”

“The Cabinet has already agreed to keep GF Nation, as it embodies our core values. The mascot gives us an icon to rally school spirit around.”

New York State ordered schools to stop using native American names and references. No more Glens Falls Indians.

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