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‘Housewives of NJ’ filmed in Bolton, but left Morgan hanging

By Cathy DeDe, Chronicle Managing Editor

The Housewives of New Jersey reality show on Bravo TV filmed dinner at the Chateau on the Lake restaurant, owned by the Foy family in Bolton Landing.

‘Housewives’ in Bolton — A Facebook post captures the Housewives of New Jersey cast members sharing dinner at the Chateau on the Lake in Bolton Landing last week.

But Rebecca Newell Butters says she and chef-husband Steve Butters of Morgan and Co. in Glens Falls got let down hard.

Ms. Butters said Bravo producers contacted her about filming there twice during the show’s visit last week and both times, after Morgan & Co. did much special preparation, the show cancelled on them.

“The last six months have been trying, to say the least, but thankfully we are busy even at half capacity,” Ms. Butters wrote to Bravo producer and personality Andy Cohen in a letter she shared with The Chronicle.

She wrote: “It’s a everyday hustle and struggle. On Wednesday of last week, Bravo came in to ask us to film a scene for the Housewives of New Jersey at Morgan and Co. on Thursday.

“Although we have live music that night, we cancelled as they requested and we blocked our crucial patio tables for the group and prepared meals for 20+ crew members. We have a small son and although it was my day off, I went in to oversee everything.

She said Bravo cancelled an hour before they were supposed to show.

She was able to get the musicians back to play at the restaurant, she said.

Ms. Butters says Bravo said the Housewives would come instead on Saturday.

“We’re not open for lunch but we threw a staff together, got some extras to sit around so we look open, canceled my son’s swim lessons….and run to the restaurant at 11 a.m. to accommodate the crew of Bravo and their requests and orders, and make sure everything is together for their morning shoot.”

She said she also received a text requesting lunches for additional crew members.

“I respond, ‘of course!’”

Ten minutes later, Ms. Butters says, she receives a text: “They aren’t coming.”

“I’ve been a chef for 20 years. I worked in Boston for 16 years. And worked at the Beehive,a 400+ seat restaurant.

“I’ve prepared meals for Magic Johnson, Sting, Matt Damon, President Obama, Richard Branson, Matt Lauer, Amy Poehler and countless others. “I’ve been on Chopped twice,” she wrote in the letter.

“I think your staff needs to recognize that we are not sound stages. We are people struggling in these awful times and who knows that the fall will bring when it’s too cold to sit outside…..This is not a game, and livelihoods are on the line. I am not looking for any compensation but I want you to be aware of this behavior.”

Ms. Butters is happy, though, for the Foy family’s experience with the Housewives. “That whole family is super nice,” she said.

At the Foys’ Chateau on the Lake: All’s good

Buddy Foy, owner with wife, Jen, of The Chateau on the Lake in Bolton Landing, said “we had a great time” when the Housewives of New Jersey visited the restaurant on Tuesday.

“It was great. No tables flipping,” he laughed, referring to the Bravo Network reality show’s typical drama.

Mr. Foy said his wife Jen is friends with Housewives cast member Teresa Guidice and went to went to Berkeley College in New Jersey together.

The Chateau is experiencing “big time craziness” after it was the subject of its own reality show Summer Rush.

The Food Network’s four-parter aired earlier this year featuring the three Foy family restaurants (The Chateau, Cate’s Italian Garden and the Diamond Point Grille).

“The show incredibly helped our business for sure,” Mr. Foy said. “Helps everyone in the whole region, I hope.

“People come in as if they know you: ‘Hi Buddy!’”

He said Summer Rush just aired in Canada and that the Toronto Sun put it on its “Top Ten” list of “must see TV.”

— Cathy DeDe

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