Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Great Escape: ‘The Bobcat’ wooden coaster coming ’24

The Great Escape announced its “largest investment in nearly 25 years” with “The Bobcat,” a new wooden coaster arriving in 2024.
“Run like a bobcat along this wooden family coaster’s track, the first-of-its-kind in Six Flags history. The Bobcat has all the charm of a classic wooden coaster enhanced by modern innovation to take you on a wild ride the whole family will love,” said a press release.
“This family thrill coaster takes riders up 55 feet in the air before sending them along an exciting run, reaching speeds of nearly 40 miles per hour. Modernized ride trains allow for a more comfortable ride experience, tighter turns along the course, and maximum thrills on a timeless wooden track.”
“Anyone who is at least 42 inches tall is welcome to run with The Bobcat, an adventure built for every brave rider in your family. Take off and enjoy an exhilarating ride that can’t be found at any other Six Flags park!”

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