Glens Falls: More discolored water

The City of Glens Falls acknowledged Tuesday it “continues to experience discoloration in the water supply as the City has begun its twice-yearly hydrant flushing program, and the system has experienced spikes in water demand from a large — as yet unidentified — user.”

The City says the water is safe.

The press release sent by Patrick Dowd, the City’s Community Development Director, said its autumn water main flushing started Monday and is a “10-15 day process. “Changes to this timetable may be required, if maintenance issues should arise such as system leaks, water quality concerns, sewer problems, etc.”

Mayor Bill Collins was quoted: “We’re seeing more suspended sediment than we usually do during the fall hydrant flushing, as a result of all of the rain that we had this spring and summer.

“And the spikes in water demand are contributing to the issue. We are continuing to investigate the source of the spikes.”

The City said “The water coming from the City’s water treatment plant is regularly tested and is clean and safe, but if sediment is present in your water, please open your spigots and let them run until the water is clear (up to about 15 minutes).

“If you continue to have discoloration, please report it to the City Sewer and Water Department 24-hour line at 518-761-3857.”

The city has had multiple water and sewer issues in recent weeks.

On September 15, it reported a Sewer Line Break in downtown Glens Falls.

On September 16, it reported discolored water due to mineral particles from “spikes of usage” that it said was unrelated to the sewer line break.

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