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City Clerk Bob Curtis announces retirement

Mark and Sandra:

Bob Curtis

I’m writing to thank the citizens of Glens Falls for allowing me the opportunity to serve our wonderful City for 37+ years, 10 years as Mayor’s Assistant and the last 27+ years as City Clerk.

It has been an honor and a privilege to serve our community. Now, it’s time for me to call it a day. I’m retiring at the end of December, 2021. Megan Nolin, our Deputy City Clerk, will take the reins in 2022 and will do an excellent job.

My thanks also to Mayor Daniel Hall and the Common Council, along with previous Mayors and Common Councils, for their confidence in me. They have worked very hard to make Glens Falls a special place. I will always appreciate their hard work, advice, bipartisan cooperation and leadership.

This is also an opportune time for me to thank you Mark, Sandra and staff for the many things that you do to enhance the quality of life for our region. The Chronicle captures the heart and soul of the North Country because you TRULY CARE about our region and its people. Please never quit.

Again, thank you Mark and Sandra. And just so you know, your reporting has never had an agenda and you never played favorites. You are true and trustworthy in your reporting. That to me— an old radio news guy — is real journalism. Be good my friends.

— Bob Curtis
City Clerk, City of Glens Falls

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