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What would you tell a new kid about your town?

Mrs. Foster and Chloe Fifield

You’ll get attached

First I would tell the new kid, You will have a great time in your new home. Next I would say I hope you like all your new friends. Then I would tell the new kid, You will love the community of Fort Ann, and I will tell the new kid that you will get so attached to this town you would not want to leave it.
Chloe Fifield
Gr. 3, Mrs. Foster
Fort Ann Central School

Loves the bus driver

One thing that I would tell a new kid about Kingsbury is the great bus drivers, especially mine! My bus driver is super nice and a great driver. I hope you like the bus driver.
Liliana Nunez
Gr. 3, J. Beecher
Hudson Falls Primary School

Good ice cream

One thing I would tell a new kid about Glens Falls is that there are a lot of good ice cream shops My favorite ice cream shop here is Cooper’s Cave. One reason I like Cooper’s Cave is they have really good ice cream. Number 2, they have yummy food like spaghetti and meatballs. Number 3, they have milkshakes.
Willow Barker
Gr. 5, Mrs. Morrison
Abraham Wing Elem. School, GF

‘I’m new too’

I’m new too. I’m still learning about this school too. I know one thing, though. This is the best school ever!
Chloe Schofield
Gr. 3, Mrs. Gross
Jackson Heights Elem. School, GF

Don’t be afraid or shy

One thing I would tell a new kid would be this is a great town. There are a lot of great people, and don’t be afraid or shy. You will make a lot of new friends here.
Aurora Ricketts
Gr. 4, Mr. Springer
Queensbury Intermediate School

I hope you like H.F. Primary!

Have you ever been to the Primary School? Well, I would tell a new kid that it is awesome here! There are 41 classes and three grades here. The school is really fun and you will love this place. The busses are loud but you will get used to it. On our playground, there are monkey bars to climb, a rock wall, swings, slides, and we play fun games like kickball! Can we be friends? I hope you like the Primary School!
Oona Gonzalez
Gr. 3, Mrs. K. Nassivera
Hudson Falls Primary School

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