Chef/baker will open ‘Kitch A Vibe’ at former Juicin Jar in Glens Falls

By Ben Westcott & Zander Frost, Chronicle Staff Writers

Chef-baker Diana Kloepfer will open Kitch A Vibe, a micro-bakery and event space, in the former Juicin Jar at 16 Exchange Street in Glens Falls. She hopes for a “soft opening” by August.

Chef-baker Diana Kloepfer
Ms. Kloepfer said it will feature small-batch made daily baked goods. “It’s always going to be inspired and fresh and out of the box, but not so far out of the box where people wouldn’t want to try it.”

She said it will also feature small, medium and large charcuterie boards with homemade crackers, local cheeses and meats, and fresh fruit in the summer.

Ms. Kloepfer said she’ll seek a license to serve beer, wine and cider.

She anticipates hosting ticketed events a couple times a month and offering the space up for small-scale catered events.

“I want this space to be as much for the community as it is for me,” she said. “I want it to be a hub where everybody feels like they’re welcome there.”

Hours are expected to be 1-10 p.m.

A Long Island native, Ms. Kloepfer said she always wanted to live near Lake George. She said she moved to the area in 2016 and has worked as sous chef at The Glen at Hiland Meadows in Queensbury, at Kelly’s Roots in Queensbury and as the sous chef at The Gem in Bolton Landing. Recently she’s been making desserts for Craft on 9 in Glens Falls.

For the past three years, she’s had a side hustle as ‘The Aquarian Culinarian,’ doing pop-up brunches, custom cakes, and private catering, all out of her house.

“It has grown, and there’s a need to occupy an actual space and take it to another level,” she said. “I’ve always wanted to be my own boss and have my own place, so this is literally a dream coming true.”

Ms. Kloepfer said the name Kitch A Vibe is a play on the phrase ‘catch a vibe.’

“When I meet with a client, I catch their vibe,” she said. “They are as much of an influence on the creative process as can be. I want them to feel like it’s made for them. I want to create a welcoming vibe for everybody in the community.”

Ms. Kloepfer said she has 13 years of experience in the industry — “culinary for the first 10, and then baking kind of came into the picture three years ago.”

“I believe the products I put out and the food I make are unique,” she said. “And it works with everything that Glens Falls has to offer. It’s not in direct competition with anybody because it is so ‘my personal hand’ to it.”

“It’s my passion to feed and bring happiness to people. Because the world honestly seems like it’s falling apart sometimes. So I just think it’s so important for us to get back to connecting with people in our community. And I think Glens Falls is a great place for that.”

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