Sunday, November 27, 2022

Brewfest drew 500 at the Cool

Chronicle staff writer Zander Frost writes: The Glens Falls Brewfest drew a throng Saturday in Heritage Hall at the Cool Insuring Arena.

Throng at the Glens Falls Brew Fest

“We had just over 500 people attend,” plus 100 volunteers, vendors, brewers, and staff, Tracey Sullivan, Adirondack Theatre Festival Managing Director told The Chronicle.

“Heritage Hall worked well,” she added. “It was a bit warm in the room, but this will be taken into consideration if we hold the event there next year.” She said, “We had a great time at the arena, so we will hopefully hold Brewfest there again in 2023, but this is not confirmed.”

The event took place for many years at the Queensbury Hotel.

The Brewfest benefits the Theatre Festival and the Feeder Canal Alliance.

How much was raised for the two beneficiaries was still being sorted out, but “it’s safe to say that we will each benefit from the event,” Ms. Sullivan said.

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