Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Adam Savage, executive chef, ready for 1,000!

By Zander Frost, Chronicle Staff Writer

Queensbury Hotel general manager Tyler Herrick says that adding in their brand new catering kitchen, they’ll be able to do “800 to 1,000” dinners a night.

No sweat, says Chef Adam Savage, the hotel’s executive chef and Director of Culinary for Spruce Hospitality Group.

Adam Savage, executive chef.

“I was the executive chef for the Sagamore for nine years. So yes, we did that many times,” he said. “There’s enough space here between this ballroom, the Gold Room, other spots, the whole reception floor, you could easily do that.”

The equipment is state of the art, including a “blast chiller” and a Rational cooking system that is programmable and Mr. Herrick jokes “costs more than a year of the college I attended.”

He said it’s also “the only kitchen in the 20 years I’ve been in hotels that I’ve ever seen with an air conditioner.”

“I’m proud of it,” Chef Savage said. “Actually, I was part of that, saying air conditioning. A lot of kitchens don’t have air. They’ve got return makeup air for the hoods, but that’s not air conditioning. So it’s a great thing.”

He said the staff is excited. “We’ve been pretty fortunate because I think we’ve got a pretty nice work environment that we’re fully staffed right now, which knock on wood, could change at any time. But we’ve got a good pipeline of people. We got a great team that we put together, they’re doing a great job…So I’m pretty proud of that. It’s a rare, rare thing in this day and age.”

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