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2 shot in home invasion in GF on Dix Avenue

By Zander Frost & Mark Frost, Chronicle Writer & Editor

State Police investigators on the crime scene, Friday, March 3. Chronicle photo/Mark Frost
“Two people were shot, one is in critical condition with multiple gunshot wounds. Both victims were transported to Albany Medical Center,” said a City of Glens Falls press release Thursday morning.

Police Chief Jared Smith told The Chronicle Tuesday both are now stable.

The incident occurred at around 4:14 Thursday morning, March 2, at 29 Dix Avenue, Glens Falls Police said.

“A lot of people thought it was a home invasion, which it was…but the shooter was a resident of the house,” the chief said, adding that the shooter “was not one of the people that were attempting to break into the house,” and is not under suspicion.

He said no one has yet been charged, and the incident is under investigation.

The investigation could “take some time,” as the State Police Lab, Detective Division and District Attorney’s Offices work through the evidence, he said.

Chief Smith asked the public “to be fair to everybody involved, wait for the investigation to be concluded, and the facts to come out, and that’s when you’re supposed to read the story.”

The Chronicle suggested that some nearby homeowners might be concerned about safety — not just curiosity.

“Absolutely,” Chief Smith said. “But I can assure this was an isolated incident between two different parties….It wasn’t a random act of violence. It was an interaction between two individuals that knew each other. And I’ll leave it at that.”

The Chronicle also asked the status of the investigation into three attempted armed robberies in early January.

“That case is still pending with the District Attorney’s Office,” Chief Smith replied.

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