Lessons learned from Mom

By Mark Frost, Chronicle Editor

What did you learn from your mother? We asked Chronicle digital subscribers.

To always be a leader and not a follower. If your friends are all jumping off a cliff, think what is best for yourself instead of following what everyone else does.
— Brooke Reynolds, Glens Falls

How to cook, how to keep a home, faith, love, be a welcoming hostess in my home. I’ve always said that I wished I could be more like my mother.
— Amy Syrell, SGF

I learned family comes first, respect, courteous of others, think before you speak, words can hurt more than a sharp knife. Most of all “Live by the Golden Rule!” Thank you mom I love you all the way to heaven.
— Rita Bolster, Queensbury

2 quotes stick with me from Mom because they were useful:
1) you want to balance your life by balancing being on the giving end and being on the receiving end and 2) go out play hard, play fair and remember it’s a lot more fun when you’re #1
— Anne Lemke, Manchester, VT

I learned I was loved and she was a person I could trust to tell anything to, including three times immediately when males tried inappropriate behavior and it never happened again.
— Barbara Garro, Saratoga Springs

I learned to love all creatures great and small and how to play the slots!
— Cyndie H., Moreau

Two of many sayings Mom passed on were:
1. This, too, shall pass.
2. If the shoe fits, wear it!
— Sally, Queensbury

Actions speak louder than words
— Mark Baird, Indian Lake

Manners, punctuation and grammar, and how to set a proper table (including knowing which fork to use when).
— Suzanne Appleyard

When you start feeling sorry for yourself, give yourself a 15 minute pity party. Then go find something to do!
— Cindy Irwin, Queensbury

My mother died way too young to teach this then-6 yr. old much, but my stepmother had much to share, and one lesson comes to mind often was taught in the ‘50s: Women who smoke do not look ladylike. That worked for me. Never have, never will.
— Persis Granger, Thurman

— Dawn Doetch, Moreau

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