Backs RFK, Jr.

To the Editor:

How many of you know that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is running for president?

How many of you immediately think, “Oh he is just a crazy anti-vaxxer!?”

Have you actually listened to any of his policies or interviews? Can you honestly say that you know what his views are from listening to him first hand, or have you formed your opinion from mainstream media? And are you truly satisfied with how your party represents you currently?

Unfortunately, you will not find Kennedy’s interviews or town hall meetings in any of the mainstream media. They will not give him any air-time, secret service protection, or recognition that he is a viable candidate.

However, if you are frustrated and disgusted by the choices we again have (Biden or Trump), then I ask you to please give RFK Jr. a listen. You will find his interviews, town halls, and talks on Youtube, Facebook, and his website “Kennedy 24”. It is my sincere belief that you will be pleasantly surprised.

I want to share a short personal story. About 6-9 months ago, I mentioned to my partner, who is a strong Democrat, if he knew anything about RFK Jr. He immediately answered, “Oh yeah he’s that crazy anti vaxxer!”

I asked him to please listen to Kennedy and form his own opinion. It took some encouraging, but after listening to several podcasts and interviews, he realized his preconceptions were formed from legacy media, and were wrong.

Today, my partner is a volunteer on Kennedy’s campaign and attempting to get his name on the ballot in his home state of NJ.
We have found Kennedy to exhibit honesty, integrity, and sincerity along with a great knowledge of regulatory capture of our federal institutions (CDC,FDA,EPA,etc).

He strongly supports bodily autonomy, the first and second amendments, and has a plan to create a thriving middle class once again.
As a side note, all of Kennedy’s 7 children are vaccinated.

Kennedy demands evidence based science/medicine with solid proof of safety regarding all therapeutic agents and vaccines from the pharmaceutical companies and the FDA. I can go on, but the main reason for writing this letter is to create awareness that Kennedy is running and is a viable candidate for the presidency.

The major issue now is to get him on the ballot in all 50 states. Some states have suddenly increased the number of required signatures for Kennedy to appear on the ballot, which suggests electoral interference from the two major parties.

If we live in a democracy, which I am beginning to question, then we should have the right to vote for any candidate in the running, not just the ones we are told to vote for.

I ask you to please listen to Kennedy firsthand with an open mind and form your own opinion.

The most important part here to remember is that Kennedy is a candidate for president and should be on the ballot in every state so “we the people” have a real choice!

The ballot opening in NY is April 16, and I will be collecting signatures to get his name on the ballot. Please understand this is NOT a vote for Kennedy, it is only to get his name on the ballot here in NY, so there is an alternative choice.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

— Joanna Pennachio, Queensbury

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